Advance Medical Device (AMD) Healthcare is a Singapore based private limited company founded by a group of subject matter expert in 2011. The company core business is to provide healthcare related products and services to emerging markets in Asia focusing with products from USA, Europe and Singapore.

AMD Healthcare’s specialists have decades of experience as well as knowledge and capabilities to develop new markets. The company has an extensive network and understanding of the healthcare industry. Its clients include several major healthcare multi-national companies and governmental organizations.

One of our main portfolios is Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy systems. These advance systems have been used by rehab clinics and hospitals worldwide and have benefitted may patients and athletes requiring assistance in physiotherapy during the course of recovery.

At AMD Healthcare, we are committed to serving the healthcare community and consumers by providing advanced system for community and Making Life Better.

Corporate mission

It is our commitment to our valued customers in continuously seeking and marketing products that are clinically proven and safe for our customers. We are also committed to assist our customers by improving their life with advance equipment – Making Life Better!


To be the model and leading organization to deliver advanced healthcare equipment and services in Myanmar.